Who Are These People?

Jasmine Joshua ( Co-Host )

Jasmine needed very little convincing to have a legitimate excuse to eat chips and wax poetical about them. When they aren’t devouring salted snack food by the handful, they are producing theatre, acting on stage, or chasing their twin daughters around. “Chips are delicious, plentiful, and great for social eating or eating alone in bed. Or in the bath. Or beyond?”

Harry Turpin ( Co-Host ) 

Harry has always had an affinity for chips. The saltiness, the crunch, the texture, the versatility — pretty much everything about them. His favorites are Lay’s Wavy Original and Kettle chips Black Pepper, followed closely by any old Salt and Vinegar. In real life, Harry works in IT sales while pursuing theatre in the Seattle area. He’s an established award-winning director, performer, composer, writer, dad, friend, and all around good person who loves the deliciousness of chips. Thanks for listening to our podcast. Eat along with us!

Bradetta Vines ( Producer/ Editor ) 

When Bradetta signed on for Two Chips Passing, she thought it might be three or four episodes. I mean, how much was there to say about chips? How wrong she was! Now, if Harry and Jasmine stopped doing the show, she would have to hide outside of their respective windows listening to their awe inspiring, poetic descriptions of chips.

To find out more about Bradetta, visit www.Bradettavines.com