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Episode #16

It’s time to get layed! Get your mind out of your chips – not Frito Layed! Hawaiin Chips are the focus of our episode this week. Detta went to Hawaii for the first time ever in December and brought back some chips… or did she.. What is this Taro Root? Ah but wait – Onion made by oh – how embarrassing – Frito Lay – So if your mind went there you WERE right. Join us in Paradise for this week’s episode!


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Episode #15 Tortilla Smackdown…continues

Today join Harry to discover the origins of Arbor Day and the intricate details behind school cafeteria nutrition decisions, while Jasmine dispenses elocution lessons and an ode to Mint Juleps. Oh – and moving Tortilla chips further in the bracket!

Theme Song: Harry Turpin

End Credit Song: Arbor Day by Solas



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Re-Bite – or Play Ep 1

The Holidays were crazy and we are hoping to get you some audio from the Re-boot Telethon. Didn’t see it and can’t wait? Head to Re-booth theatre and check it out. In the meantime – join us for a revisit of our very first episode THREE MONTHS AGO! Wow. Thanks so much for your support. Please enjoy again – or for the first time. See you next week with a new episode with either chips from Hawaii or chips from Korea… or both…

Thank you!


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